This blog is an experiment. I would like to share my years of experience and above all tell my friends and relatives about my travels and excursions with my bicycle.

One of my experiments is that I will film some of my trips and excursions with a camera. With a bit of luck this will result in a video, which I will also publish.

The name of my blog is a combination of my physical stature and my humor. If I squeeze myself into special cycling clothing, it can look a bit special. Of course, I also have a real name: Marcus

My “fleet” now includes four bicycles: A trekking and touring bike from Villiger, a folding bike from Brompton, an e-bike from Stromer and a self-built gravel bike. With my Stromer I have already been riding for two and a half months through the USA, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. My Gravel-Bike is the newest of them all and that’s also the bike I’m riding most with at the moment.

Now I hope you enjoy reading my blog and watching my videos, and I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback!


Marcus Fihlon
Winkelriedstrasse 25
6003 Luzern


Email: marcus@fatmancycling.tours

Please do not expect a quick answer. As my blog shows, I ride my bike a lot, and I also take very long bike trips. It is often the case that I have no access to the internet for days or even weeks. So don’t be surprised if an answer from me takes some time. Thank you very much for your understanding!